SMEG – Thermoseal Ovens


Smeg is an Italian home appliance manufacturer based in Guastalla, near Reggio Emilia in the north of the country. Smeg has 16 subsidiaries worldwide (in the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, South Africa, USA, Australia and Mozambique), overseas offices in Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia and an extensive global sales network.

For over 60 years now, Smeg appliances have come to be seen as tasteful and elegant solutions to the demands of contemporary living as a result of the company’s partnerships with world famous architects.

The Smeg Group, thanks to a corporate culture which dictates that maximum emphasis be placed on product quality, technology and design, is consequently known all over the globe as one of the key representatives of “Made in Italy” standards.

SMEG – We provide our clients with SMEG appliances.

Thermoseal Ovens

The Smeg oven cavity is completely shrouded in 20mm thick ceramic insulation, wrapped in reflective foil sheeting. This keeps the heat inside the oven and away from surrounding cabinetry.

Smeg Thermoseal ovens do not draw ambient air into the cavity during cooking.

Smeg Theromseal ovens feature new Venturi technology which allows excess moisture, of foods with high water content, to escape into the cooling system and reduces any condensation build-up. The Venturi valve also contains a catalytic converter which deodorises any steam before it is released.

Smeg Thermoseal ovens have a unique cooling system with a 22 blade tangential fan which allows cool air to circulate around the oven cavity (not in the cavity) and up through the panes of glass in the door.

There are many benefits of Thermoseal cooking – the perfectly controlled cooking environment means roasts retain nutrients, natural juices and flavour, pastries crisp to perfection and cakes rise evenly and are light and airy.